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Why I love Captain Underpants books

I’m on book six. And here’s why Captain Underpants and I are BFFs:

1. On Tuesday afternoon, I told my five-year-old son he was in charge. We could go ANYWHERE. Do ANYTHING. He chose to cycle to the library. What kind of nerdy kid does that? Well, my kind. And why does he choose this? Captain Underpants.

2. Once there, he went straight to the early readers and pulled out three Captain Underpants titles plus another non-undie book also by Dave Pilkey. Which he found by himself. This is how much the kid loves these books.

3. When I stop reading, he attempts to continue on his own, and there’s really nothing like listening to a five-year-old try to sound out “wedgie.”

4. Captain Underpants is not a Rainbow Magic fairy. And in a choice between Talking Toilets and Tia the Tulip Fairy, I’ll take toilets any day. Thank God I didn’t have two girls.