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Blue dot, green dot

Min and I went to see David Suzuki’s Blue Dot Tour at its final stop in Vancouver on Sunday night. It was pretty amazing. How often does one get to see the Bare Naked Ladies dancing on stage with Neil Young, Feist, Chantal Kreviazuk, and David Suzuki? It felt like a cross between an evangelical revival and the Vancouver Folk Fest.

Margaret Atwood appeared for a brief time via Skype, and a brief time is all Margaret Atwood ever needs to be inspiring. Along with her words on hope and the possibility of saving things, she said something along the lines of: “people like me are asked to say these things because we’re self-supporting artists, and therefore have no jobs, and therefore cannot be fired.”


We got home much too geared-up to sleep. But then we spent Monday afternoon in the woods, because Robert Bateman had told us we should. And he was right.