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Quake training

I wanted to see San Andreas this weekend, to improve my earthquake survival skills. Since I’m chair of the school’s seismic committee and all, it seemed like a personal responsibility.

But the movie got terrible reviews and, in a strange reversal of our usual roles, Min argued against an action flick.

I will have to wait for the Netflix version.

In the meantime, my kids went to Kidsbooks to spend some gift cards and my son returned with this:


Do you think paranoia is genetic?

I’m waiting for him to finish the book, so I can start my training.

Dinner + phobia treatment centre

A friend treated us to an amazing dinner at Yew last weekend. As in, lobster meatballs and spot prawns amazing.

But while I was there, I couldn’t help noticing this chamber in the centre of the restaurant:


It seems to have been designed specifically to scare the pants off those of us with earthquake fears. It’s a glass room lined with wine bottles, with a sculpture of glass shards above, suspended from a glass ceiling.

Do you think this a new treatment for phobias? Picture your own shard-pierced corpse while eating fancy fish? Maybe it’s the Vancouver version of fugu.