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Fiesta, fiesta!

Whew — what a weekend!

We went to the Point Grey Fiesta on Saturday in time for the parade. What can I say? I have a weakness for men on motorcycles and people who throw candy at me.

On the way, I made my kids practice saying, “I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to shake your hand until my school is seismically upgraded,” but Christy Clark didn’t show up.

From the parade, we went to the fair for some ferris wheeling and bumper car bumping. Then — for me at least — it was off to a CWILL BC graphic novel workshop led by Kathryn Shoemaker.

It’s a good thing I stopped eating mini donuts when I did. I needed all my powers of concentration to put a chapter of an early reader into graphic novel form. It’s harder than you’d think! For me, the most enlightening point of the afternoon was about interior monologue. I had always thought of graphic novel scripts as the equivalent of movie scripts, but, as Kathie pointed out, they’re not. In a graphic novel, you can show what the character is thinking and what the character is saying. You can even do it at the same time.

It makes the whole genre more interesting…