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Resolutions, retroactively

I read Joanna Karaplis’s blog post last week about retroactive resolutions and I have to say, THAT is the best idea ever. I hereby retroactively resolve to:

  • Serve on the jury for a fiction award, fall in love with scads of wonderful middle-grade novels, and visit the optometrist about the eye twitch that developed part-way through.
  • Leave the house at 8:46 each morning sounding more like Mary Poppins, and less like Cruella Deville.
  • Finish my YA novel and submit it to agents.
  • As the grocery gatekeeper, feed my family more vegetables.*
  • Speak in public on numerous occasions, wearing appropriate clothing most of the time.

Success on all counts!** What a shocker. I’m so pleased.

* They did agree they would rather starve than eat kale. Even kale fried with bacon. But you can’t win ’em all, right?

** With the exception of the whole Mary Poppins thing. Yeesh. Who can live up to that woman? Besides, the whole curtain-wearing thing didn’t work out, and I look lovely in black and white spots.