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Breathe in, breathe out…

I’ve done it. I’ve finished Childhood Under Siege by Joel Bakan, a book I started reading last September.

Let me start by saying that this is a thoroughly worthwhile book and if the issues raised here were acted upon, the world would be a much better place. However, it’s a difficult read for those of us prone to apocalyptic views and hyperventilation.

In these pages, I learned more about:

  • the possibility my children will become addicted to violent on-line video games;
  • the evil drug companies plotting to medicate my family;
  • the invisible environmental toxins everywhere;
  • the possibility of poisons in my children’s clothing and toys; and,
  • the likelihood that the educational system is failing my kids.

Yeesh. When I had kids, I thought I had to feed them vegetables and make sure they were polite to adults. What’s with all this other stuff?

And it’s one thing to say that awareness is the first step toward a solution, but this book offers no second steps. Sure, I could write a letter. Believe me, I write a lot of letters. I don’t see dramatic changes resulting from this.

Anyway, I read the book. Now, I’m going to put it far, far away so the red cover can’t glare at me anymore. And if you need me, I’ll be the one in corner, breathing slowly into the paper bag.