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Likely not smarter than a fifth grader

I’m off to Little Flower Academy today to compete against middle-grade students in B.C.’s inaugural Kids’ Lit Quiz. It’s a competition held in countries all over the world, and popular for the past few years in eastern Canada.

Here’s part of what it says on the website:

In the style of popular learning competitions like the Scripps Spelling Bee, Kids’ Lit Quiz is a highly spirited and intense team event for students around the world.

Are you a KLQ Quiz Whiz?

Who had two nasty aunts called Spiker and Sponge?

Who owned a faithful dog named Snowy?

But here’s the problem: I don’t know the answer to either of those questions!

My resident middle-grade expert, Silence, has been schooling me all week in Rick Riordan facts. I have retained none of them. In fact, I was complaining about this on the phone to my publisher, and she and I couldn’t even agree on how to pronounce his last name.

I may be in trouble.

Fortunately, I will have three trusty team members by my side. Stacey Matson, Kallie George, and Lee Edward Fodi are joining me on this little adventure and they are all dazzlingly brilliant AND just plain fun to hang out with.

We have named our writers’ team The Quizzards of Oz. Let’s just hope no one peeks behind the curtain.