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In the news…

First of all, I’m going to Ontario for next May’s TD Canadian Children’s Book Week! That was my first choice of destinations, so I’m very excited to be heading east for a week.

And, while I’m sharing, there’s a lovely review of When the Worst Happens in Kirkus. It’s left me all a-flutter.

There’s a teetering pile of research material on my desk for my next non-fiction project. Maybe the kind words will inspire progress!

Seeing stars

Well, I am absolutely twitterpated. Kirkus Reviews has given 50 Body Questions a starred review. They called the book a “tour (de force) through the human body that’s eminently understandable and entertaining and even often quite funny.”

Which means it’s official. My sister Sandy, my publisher Colleen, and my friend Heidi from elementary school are NOT the only people in the world who think I’m funny.