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There’s been a MASSIVE oversight on this blog. How have I not talked about Dreamboats? I went to the launch a couple months ago, and both my kids (and I!) fell in love. (And when even my too-cool-for-picture-books daughter will deign to read, read, and reread, you know it’s something special.)


Written by Dan Bar-el and illustrated by Kirsti Anne Wakelin, the book dips into the watery dreams of children from different parts of the globe. Really, it’s an escape into an entirely new world with each page turn.

This project took years to complete. YEARS. I’m surprised Dan and Kirsti are still speaking to each other, and I’m surprised Kirsti’s still sane. You can see some of her illustration process on her blog and I have to say, it makes my own writing life look like a walk (sail?) in the park.

But I would also say those years were worth it.