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In case you can’t get too much moi…

In place of Friday Story Time this week, there’s All-About-Tanya-Day.

You can head over to Lois Peterson’s blog to find out what books I’d take to a desert island, what writing advice I have to offer, and more.

If you haven’t visited Lois’s site before, have a look around, then pick up a few of her books. My personal favourites (though it’s hard to choose) are Meeting Miss 405 for early readers and Silver Rain for middle grade. They’re both absolutely lovely, poignant stories with characters you won’t want to leave behind.

Happy reading!

For your chapter book shelves

I went to a CWILL BC meeting last night and discovered that two of my favourite Vancouver writers have new chapters books out this month. So, in case you’re in the market and you want to have the same to-read list as me (you do, right?), here they are:

Flood Warning, by Jacqueline Pearce:

and The Wrong Bus by Lois Peterson:

It just occurred to me that my children are outgrowing early chapter books. I’m going to have to either admit that I’m buying these for myself, or have more children. Yikes! I’d better ‘fess up to reading them myself.