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L. Frank Baum: Twitter Prophet?

This quote is from the first chapter of Glinda of Oz, which my daughter and I started reading this week. Does it remind you of anything?

I think if Marshall McLuhan had written this, we’d all be crediting him with foreseeing Twitter.

I do not suppose there is any magical thing in any fairyland to compare with the Record Book, on the pages of which are constantly being printed a record of every event that happens in any part of the world, at exactly the moment it happens. And the records are always truthful, although sometimes they do not give as many details as one could wish. But then, lots of things happen, and so the records have to be brief or even Glinda’s Great Book could not hold them all.

Okay, the idea of Marshall McLuhan writing Glinda of Oz has given me the giggles. Incidentally, did you know that L. Frank Baum’s first name was Lyman? True. I read it in the Record Book.