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Death by imagination

We snuck away for a mid-week camping trip to Porteau Cove. It’s a perfect spot, so close to the city and yet so gorgeous. Though, there is the problem of the 3 a.m. train.

Every time we go, I tell myself that the train isn’t so bad. It’s just one train. Logically, I know that we don’t set up our tent directly on the tracks, the train isn’t going to run us over, there won’t be a massive derailment on that particular night. And then, at 3 a.m., all my logical thinking has somehow disappeared.


Happily, we survived. We also survived a rather hair-raising trip up the new Squamish gondola. Such amazing hiking trails from the top… we’re already eager to go back. (See, I’m doing it again. I’m sure I’ll experience death by train-crushing, gondola-falling, etc., then I survive, and begin planning the next trip. Maybe there’s medication for this condition.)


Now I’m home, and working away on a book proposal due next week. I realize now how spoiled with writing time I’ve been these last few months!