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For the past few years, instead of making personal resolutions, we’ve chosen a family theme. Three years ago, it was flexibility and we experimented with not freaking out if bedtime was 7:31 instead of 7:30. We were moderately successful with that one. (My highly flexible sister-in-law would probably tell you we were not successful at all, but hey, these things are relative.)

Last year, our theme was generosity, and we did slightly better with that one.

This year, inspired by Canada’s welcoming of the Syrian refugees, and by our own semi-forgotten love of entertaining, we’ve chosen hospitality. Which of course will require some flexibility and generosity, since not all of our guests choose to leave at 7:29.

So, if you’d like a dinner invitation, let me know and I’ll put your name at the top of the list. And you can stay as late as you’d like.

Or at least until 8:31.