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I’m back.

We had a fun and action-packed spring break. We hit Seattle first, where we went to the Experience Music Project. This was ostensibly for the kids, but actually so that Min and I could lock ourselves in a soundproof room and wail on the drums and guitars as if we had actual musical talent.

After that little escapade, we headed for Port Townsend, on the edges of Olympic National Park. There were the most gigantic shells on the beaches there. My inner five-year-old went a bit bonkers.


For my inner grown-up, there was a bookstore per block in Port Townsend. AND, when we sat down for lunch, the three woman at the table next to us were discussing novel structure. Not that I was eavesdropping or anything.


I do love Port Townsend. But just as there are wonderful things about going away, but there are also wonderful things about coming home. Quiet, for example. And reliable wireless. And, actually, a brand spanking new Mac. (The old one was having gagging fits.)

We shall see if the faster processing speed transfers to my brain. There is a big edit awaiting me, and a new project, too. Onwards!