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Books and zombies

I had a fantastic afternoon at Strathcona Elementary yesterday, where I spoke to two groups of thoroughly enthusiastic students. They had some suggestions for my next non-fiction topic:

1. The apocalypse.

2. Dumb ways the world might end.

3. Zombies.

(Are you seeing a theme here? Well, wait until you hear the fourth suggestion…)

4. Hamsters.

Unfortunately, I  had coffee with a virologist last weekend and he assured me that there is absolutely zero possibility of a  virus turning humans into flesh-eating monsters. So, there will be no non-fiction zombie apocalypse project. But maybe a zombie hamster chapter book? Hmmmm….

A big thank you to the staff and students at Strathcona for making me feel so welcome!

Show and tell

Happy World Read Aloud Day! I’m off to celebrate with students at Strathcona Elementary School, with my bag of props in tow. It’s a crazy collection, so I thought I’d share the list of what I generally bring to school presentations:

  • several pairs of underwear (and no, they’re not because I pee my pants);
  • a pirate coin;
  • red stickers to represent blood;
  • a cowboy hat;
  • a necktie;
  • a baseball bat; and,
  • more stories than I can possibly tell in one afternoon.

I wish you all a happy day of reading and sharing!