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Bookish find of the week

I was snuffling around Kidsbooks yesterday, looking for something fun to read to my son. Of course, you only snuffle around for about three minutes at Kidsbooks before some lovely person asks if you need help. Here’s how yesterday’s conversation went.

Me: I’m looking for an easy chapter book for a boy. Sort of Rainbow Magic level, but boyish, and with less rainbow magic-ness.

(I know. I’m articulate like that.)

KB: What kind of boy is he. Is he sporty, or funny? Does he like action?

Me: Maybe… funny? He really likes The Cat on the Mat is Flat.

Well, that was enough information. A few minutes later, I left the store with my very own copy of The Clumsies Make a Mess.

It’s set in an office building and the first character you meet is a middle-aged man. Doesn’t sound very funny, does it?

Well, it is. Somewhere around page three, two mice enter the story. Then there’s the miniature elephant…

Our bedtime reading of the first chapter drew my daughter as well as my son and, I must admit, I may have had a few giggles myself. Bonus: an absolutely fabulous design. You can check it out for yourself, here.