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Mailbox goodies

These arrived yesterday:


They’re Korean editions of The Lowdown on Denim and I can’t stop flipping through the pages. It’s so fun/strange to see a book which I wrote (apparently), but can’t read.


I love these sorts of mailbox surprises. I often envy those highly organized writers who track their hours worked, or their royalty due dates, or their rate per word. I know I should probably try to become more like them.

On the other hand, there’s great joy in opening the mailbox and finding an unexpected cheque, or a forgotten proof, or, say, a Korean book about blue jeans.

And why ruin a good surprise for the sake of a little organization?

Kind words

A few recent reviews!

For 50 Underwear Questions:

“…a highly recommended resource for all curious readers who enjoy a good laugh.”
Resource Links, December 2011

“. . . a bright bold, attractive book that grabs your attention right away.”
Back to Books, January 20, 2011

And for The Lowdown on Denim:

“This cleverly designed book engages the tween to adult market with fun facts, catchy titles, witty responses and action-packed comic strips…”
Resource Links, December 2011

“…a thorough, well researched, chronological history of denim jeans.”
CM Magazine, January 13, 2012