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Lessons in plot pacing… from a field mouse

This is my daughter’s summary of The Adventures of Danny the Meadow Mouse:

He got caught by an owl, but he escaped, but he’s lame, so he couldn’t get home, because he lives in a meadow, so now he lives with Peter Rabbit, but Peter Rabbit went out to get bark and he got caught in a snare, and I’m only 50% done, but these books end at 81%.

Phew. No wonder they end at only 81%. I mean, how much more action can Mr. Thornton W. Burgess fit into a single book?

I had forgotten all about this series until Grandma arrived at our house a few months ago with a stack of well-loved hardcovers. Now, my daughter’s filling in the blanks with her constant requests for Kindle downloads.

Soon, I’m going to have to re-read one and remember what I’m missing. Not to mention learn a few things about plot and tension. My books are completely lacking in the raptor and snare departments.

(By the way, I tried to find a cover image to include in this post. But the ones I found were yellow. These books are not supposed to be yellow. The covers have triangular patterns around the edges. Obviously. And if Google’s not going to match my memories properly, then I’m not downloading images.)