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Happy birthday, Min!

It’s Min’s birthday today, so I’ve set writing work aside to make some Vij’s curries for dinner.

We’ve recently discovered that Min has a gluten allergy. His symptoms started about 14 years ago, which, coincidentally, is when we moved in together. Well, not so coincidental. It turns out that when my Burmese husband moved in with a certain toast-and-peanut-butter loving girl with a penchant for baking, he may have upped his wheat intake a wee bit. Say, from none to quite a lot.

I’ve been slowing killing my husband.

Now, as we learn all about this allergy and talk to gluten-free friends and read gluten-free books and scan some ridiculously spacey gluten-free blogs, I’m considering faster methods…

No, no, no. Kidding! Especially since it’s his birthday and all.

It’s Chicken and Crimini Curry and Lamb Popsicles on the menu tonight. Certified flake-free.