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My personal invitation

You are hereby invited to listen to me babble in person, rather than on-line.

I’m presenting at Word on the Street Vancouver in the Kids Tent at 4:20 on September 30th.

One of the interesting things about World on the Street is its unpredictable audience. There are all sorts of book folk wandering around in all sorts of sizes, and you never know who will wander into your tent. When I presented there a few years ago, I arrived completely prepared for a group of eight- to ten-year olds, and then scrambled to adjust my material when adults filled the tent. (Now that I think of it, why were there so many adults at my talk? I should have looked more closely. Maybe they were children on stilts.)

This year, I have a fun talk prepared, suitable for ANY age group. But, if you happen to have kids, I’d be thrilled to meet them. Plan to come a little early and stay a little late to hear Susin Nielsen and Kit Pearson, both amazing writers and great presenters.

Hope to see you on the 30th!