Take two Zoloft before reading. Unless Zoloft is made by an evil pharmaceutical company…

My eco-hero, Joanna, just sent me this link to Multinational Monitor’s 10 worst corporations of 2008. It reads like a post-apocalyptic horror story of corruption and human rights abuses.

To make it worse, I filled the gas tank at Chevron on Wednesday, and I’m pretty sure there’s a Costco case of Dole pineapple in the pantry.

It’s all a little ironic, since I recently told Joanna what an uplifting person she was. And then she sends me this for breakfast? Yeesh.

Having read it and thoroughly depressed myself, I will be retreating to my dream library now. It has dark wood shelves and a rolling ladder. And a butler. He makes latt├ęs. With organic, shade-grown coffee.

If you don’t have an imaginary butler, you can lift your spirits with this video. (Although, with the remains of my shallow, consumerist self, I can’t help wishing the lead singer had spent slightly more on hair products.)

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