Tanya + Rodents = Not Friends

The rat came back. I almost had a heart attack in the back yard.

The good news… I found his entrance. And I plugged it with a big rock. (By “I” in that sentence, I mean Min.) Then I sprinkled the entire compost heap with cayenne pepper and tabasco sauce.

And then I stopped composting forever.

The end.

3 thoughts on “Tanya + Rodents = Not Friends

  1. Sandy

    Tanya, if it makes you feel any better, I dug out my composted soil a few days ago to put on my garden. After about the second scoop, I realized that the WHOLE compost is one large ant farm. Yup. Thousands of little ants in each shovel-full. Can’t kill em, or I’ll ruin my soil!?! What to do. I tried boiling water, but they just dug in deep and waited for the weather to cool off again. NOT COOL.


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