The Bears and I are developing an unhealthy attachment

A few years ago, Min went through a bear phase. He read all sorts of books about how to deal with potential bear attacks while trekking around the wilderness.

We have done very little wilderness trekking in recent years and Min’s bear books have mostly gone by the wayside. But when I was looking through the shelves in search of light reading the other night, I found The Bears and I, by Robert Franklin Leslie.
I’m guessing my mother bought this at a garage sale, knowing Min’s bear obsession. The book has that well-loved look about it. It’s quite fascinating. Made into a movie, apparently. Probably completely offensive to every SPCA member in the world. Still, great reading.

This is unfortunate for me, because I had hoped to read myself to sleep for 20 minutes and then return to my bookless state, so that I could get some work done.

My favorite bear is Scratch.

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