The Big News: Section 1

You know when you check a blog and it says, “I have news… huge news… and I’ll tell you on July 1, 2013”?

Yeah, I kind of hate that.

As any of my friends will tell you, I can’t stand not being in the gossip-know. And I’m also the world’s worst secret keeper. (Seriously. Check Guinness — it’s in there.) In my world-view, information is meant to be shared. Why keep secrets?

But all of this has left me in a bit of a dilemma for the past few months. Do I keep quiet about my secrets until they’re spreadable? Or do I give those tortuous hints that I hate?

Hmmm… compromise?

Secret number one: I’m working on a new 50 Questions book, to be released next year. Ross Kinnaird will be illustrating once again. Contracts are now officially signed, and my manuscript is due on October 31st. Topic? Well, let’s just say that I’m quickly becoming an expert on brains, kidneys, and alveoli.

Secret number two: Sorry, not quite ready to divulge yet. It’s a big one, though! And I think I can spill the beans soon.

You can hate me now.

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