The climate solution

I flipped open the newspaper last week while my daughter was having a haircut. Whew, what a mistake. (The paper, not the cut.) In one three-page section, I read about climate scientists being ignored, more than 600 jobs being cut from the CBC, and the government disenfranchising voters.

Why don’t they just weave tiny needles into the newsprint, so you can stab yourself while you read?

Fortunately, the solution to climate change is on its way.

My husband had this conversation with my seven-year-old son a couple days ago:

Min: Your sister’s going to end up leading some sort of activist organization. When you become a scientist, you can get her the facts she needs to solve the climate crisis.

Son: I’m going to be a house painter.

But then, just when we thought all was lost for the world, he interrupted a completely unrelated conversation to say, “I’ve changed my mind. I am going to solve global warming.”

So, that’s a relief. Now if only he could handle the underfunding of our public schools in the meantime.

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