The exchange trip touch

I just finished reading Manga Touch, which was just as thoughtful and lovely as its author, Jacqui Pearce.

Boy, did this book bring back memories of my own 15-year-old self on an exchange trip from Creston to Tokyo. Can you say “culture shock” three times quick? Here are a few images:

  • My blonde, spiral-permed, Ice Mist-ed hair getting stares on the crowded Tokyo subway. When I caught people staring, they switched to looking at me through the reflections in the darkened windows.
  • My disbelief that people could and would, by choice, eat small pieces of raw fish wrapped in seaweed. Needless to say, there wasn’t a lot of sushi in Creston at the time. 

  • The traffic jam on the way back from Mount Fuji. I’m afraid I don’t remember the mountain at all. Just the unbelievable number of cars. 

One day, as a special treat, I’ll post you all a picture of my high school hair.

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