The gift exchange loometh

Every year, Min and I host a crowd of close friends for a handmade gift exchange. They’re a talented bunch, and past presents have ranged from bike jumps, hand-carved paddles, and knitted shawls to picture frames, home canning collections, and instructional DVDs (don’t ask).

To date, I have made:
* Caterpillar-patterned pyjama pants
* A not-very-attractive set of pottery mugs (sorry, Joanna)
* A storybook for a friend and his small daughter
* A writer’s journal sprinkled with inspiration
* A once-a-month cookie drop-off, good for 12 months
* A single mom’s winter survival kit

I’ll be spending a few mornings this week crafting instead of writing, and we’ll see what results. If you have inspiring ideas to suggest, I’m all ears!

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