The long wait

My sister had a baby boy a couple weeks ago, making me an official auntie. We’ve been over to visit the little munchkin and he is 100% adorable.

He’s also 100% high-maintenance. Wow! How did I ever write with one (or two) of those creatures in the house?

On the way back from their own baby visit, my parents stopped in for the weekend. I gave them an ARC of Anywhere But Here, and they asked the same question everyone’s been asking me lately:

Why is it taking so long?

Well, I told them about the sales staff, and conferences, and advance reviews, but really I wanted to jump up and down and bat my fists in the air and say, “I don’t know! Why is it taking so looooooong?”

In the meantime, while I wait for that October 15 release date, I think I’d better appreciate my six hours a day of child-free quiet, and work harder on the next book.

As for my sister, well, she has lots of baby love to look forward to. And I’m sure she’ll enjoy some quiet time, too… in about five more years.

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