The new look, version two

Since we’re talking makeovers this week, here’s a sneak peak of some new author photos, taken by the lovely and acrobatic Kristen Hovet (who balanced on a chair and a desk at various times during this photoshoot.)

The whole thing came about because my sister-in-law started her own business and created a website. Since I’m her big-wig marketing consultant (I think she may be paying me in Blenz cards), I got a website headshot.

Now you know the reason for the traumatic downtown meeting last week. And let me tell you, the trauma started well before the parking garage fiasco. I was told to wear foundation to this photo shoot.


I have never bought foundation before. Do you know how many shades of beige there are? There’s honey beige, natural beige, buff beige, classic beige, warm beige, creamy beige. Strangely, no I-married-a-brown-guy-so-I-always-feel-especially-pale-beige. I had to go with honey instead.

Anyway, I slathered on the foundation. AND, there is going to be photoshopping done to these thumbnails. So I may end up with fewer blemishes, whiter teeth, and Jennifer Garner’s nose.

Before that can happen, though, I have to decide. Do I go with the serious purple…

…or the highly professional brown?

Opinions welcome.

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