The new reality

For the first time in eight years, I’ve had a stretch of several work days in a row, alone, in a quiet house. I’m slowly rediscovering my rhythm — the best hours for creativity, the proper balance of tea-making to typing, the stage when it’s best to step away from the computer and rejoin the real world.

I’ve piled up a mountain of work for myself this fall, so it’s not going to all get done in a week, but it’s lovely to feel productive. Time! It truly is an amazing thing.

I’m remembering, too, some of the quirks of working at home. On Wednesday, when my son was tired and cranky from kindergarten, I dragged him to the beach for a bike ride. Why? Because while he was experiencing the world all day, I was in my head, in the house.

It’s a strange truth of working from home. Just when everyone else is coming home, ready to flop on the couch, I need to get out. There may be more evening adventures in our future…

4 thoughts on “The new reality

  1. Deryn

    Oh hooray! I’m so happy for you. I’ve been there for a few years and yes, it is great. If anyone asks you “But what are you going to do with all that time?” you are allowed to stomp on their toes. Did you know that?

  2. Pam R.

    Congratulations! No matter how much extra help or childcare you may have had, having both kids in school is something completely new, I’m discovering. As you may remember we are on almost exactly the same child schedule… For the first time in, oooh, I guess eight years, as you say, I just today completed an edit three days before deadline. I don’t know what to do with myself tomorrow. Get a head start on the next project? Unheard of!

  3. Tanya

    Wow! Congratulations to you, too! But… get a head start on the next project? What are you thinking? You should definitely get a pedicure. Or a massage. Or go out for lunch. Maybe all three!


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