The spill-all edition

I am terrible at keeping secrets. I tell you this not so you’ll keep from me your pregnancy and job interview news (though you probably should), but so you’ll understand how painful it was for me to keep THIS a secret for the six years weeks it took to sign the contracts.

I wrote a middle-grade novel! And someone liked it!

Titles sometimes change, but at this moment the book is called THE CAMPAIGN. It’s the story of one 12-year-old girl’s plan to get her own cell phone. (And if there was a 12-year-old girl in my house this year who happened to be lobbying for a phone, that was a complete coincidence.)

It’s going to come out with Tundra Books in 2019. Which seems like a long time from now, but at least I can talk about it until then!

7 thoughts on “The spill-all edition

  1. Sarah

    2019! how can I wait that long?! Especially since we have the same campaign going on in our house.

  2. Sarah

    She got a hand-me-down phone from her cousin at Christmas. The current campaign is for a voice and text plan. We will probably cave by September.


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