The sweet sound of silence

Family vacations are wonderful, of course, and I always look forward to the stretch of unplanned days. But… I am hard-pressed to articulate just how amazing it is to have normal schedules resumed and to enjoy my first two hours of uninterrupted silence.

If a choir of angles appeared right now, I think I’d ask them to hold off singing, just ’til 11.

And I’m not alone. For the best post ever about the intersection of the writing life and child-generated noise, check out Deryn Collier’s blog.

2 thoughts on “The sweet sound of silence

  1. Deryn

    Thanks so much for the mention Tanya! I would say more, but don’t want to interrupt your hour of silence. “Sshhhh! Mommy’s writing!” Enjoy.

  2. Tanya

    That “mommy’s writing” line never works. And have I told you about the time when Min came home early and I said, “just finishing an important scene… need five minutes…” and he proceeded to practice the accordion? True story.


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