The Tuesday Tell-All

The Tuesday Tell-All question at the CWILL BC blog this week is: what are you reading over the holidays?

I just finished Vertical Limits, which was a gift from Pam Withers. I finished it around midnight, because I couldn’t stop reading. There were people dangling off cliffs and corpses in caves (okay, just one corpse), and daredevil climbers and snarky runaways. My heartrate hasn’t slowed down yet.
Now I’m on to reading recipes — big Christmas dinner happening at the Kyi household tomorrow night. I’ve got Pineapple Dream Cake in the oven, which is a family variation of Karen Barnaby’s Mango, Macadamia, and Coconut Upside-Down Cake. I love her introduction to the recipe. She says, “This cake has three of my favourite things: mango, coconut, and upside-down.”
I’ve forgotten the coconut, but I’m hoping no one will notice.
Merry Christmas everyone!

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