The Tuesday Tell-All

This week’s CWILL BC question is: Are you an introvert or an extrovert? As my answer, here’s the story of how I met Bill Richardson, writer and former CBC host. We were at some sort of event, and he was the MC.

Tanya: Hey, that’s Bill Richardson.

Min: Who?

Tanya: The MC. And he’s on the radio. And I loooooove him.

Min (pulling me): Let’s go say hello.

Tanya: What? Noooooooooo.

Min: But he’s sitting by himself.

Tanya: What if he wants to be?

Min: No one wants to sit by themselves at this sort of thing.

Tanya: What if he’s gathering his thoughts?

Min: That’s ridiculous.

Tanya: We can’t.

And we might have continued this way forever if Min hadn’t dragged me over, introduced us, sat down, and proceeded to have a long and funny conversation while I concentrated on not sweating too profusely.

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