Things I learned on my summer vacation

I met fellow writer and blogger Deryn Collier while I was in the Kootenays last month, and learned she was just as friendly and funny in person as she is in text. She also manages to balance mystery writing, parenthood, and consulting work… while I manage to make breakfast on every second Wednesday.

The second thing I learned: before taking photographs of new friends, one should ensure one’s three year old has not been playing with the camera settings. Here is Deryn and her son, artfully blurred:

(Hey… is that my best excuse yet for my dismal photography skills?)

1 thought on “Things I learned on my summer vacation

  1. Deryn

    Hey – thanks! I like the blurry look. Wish that could be my excuse some days! It was awesome to meet you, and we are loving the book – thanks so much. Sorry to hear about the flood and hope everything is settling in for you.


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