Thoughts on (during) Captain America

I’m a good wife. I agree to see movies like Captain America even though I’m convinced I’ll one day have a seizure in the middle of a 3D action scene.

During this particular movie, there was plenty of time (amidst a prolonged take-down of three flying gunships) to close my eyes and think of England. Or, in this case, to close my eyes and think about the problems inherent in saving the world.

Captain America manages to avert his super-laser-gun crisis. But his world is still in shambles. And if he can’t save the world, what are the chances for the rest of us?

That got me thinking (as I said, it was a long scene) about the 10/10 smart people in real-life who are trying to fix things on a global scale. People like David Suzuki and Archbishop Desmond TuTu.

While these guys have had plenty of successes, their battles are a bit like Captain America’s. They’ve taken down a few gunships. The world’s still messed up.

So if Captain America can’t do it, AND David Suzuki can’t do it, what ARE the chances for the rest of us?

The only conclusion I could reach while my ears were being bombarded and my butt shaken (did I mention that Min booked us into moving seats?) was that we need to somehow harness the abilities of all of us regular 7/10 people instead of relying on the few 10/10s.

But then, we’ll probably need a 10/10 to implement that…

In conclusion, I’d really like to look like Scarlett Johansson.

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