Three crazy conversations

Conversation #1: How to alienate your children’s minister
I went to a stagette Saturday night, then had to volunteer at Sunday school in the morning, in a room of 38 four- and five-year-olds. Not something I would recommend.

Minister: Did it go okay in here?

Me: It was an insane asylum.

Daughter: Mommy, what’s an insane asylum?

Me: Where they put crazy people.

Not my most politically correct moment. It’s possible I won’t be invited back.

Crazy Conversation #2: Are they in Oz?
I went to see Jacquie Pearce at Word on the Street, but I couldn’t find the right tent and I had to ask at the information booth.

Me: I was looking for the kids’ tent…

Woman at desk: It blew away. With all the kids still inside.

Me: Seriously?

Woman: They retrieved the kids. But not the tent.

Conversation #3: Overheard at Starbucks
This is so going into my next novel.

Barrista A: I just saw a documentary about it. They absorb energy from the sun.

Barrista B: From the sun?

Barrista A: There was this one man in the movie? He hadn’t eaten food in six years. He got all his nutrients from the sun.

Barrista B: But you can’t get, like, calcium and iron from the sun.

Barrista A: He did. It was a kind of meditation, and he just stared at the sun and he, like, absorbed it all.

That’s my plan for today. Skip lunch. Stare at the sun.

2 thoughts on “Three crazy conversations

  1. Deryn

    Obviously you need to stay up late and get up early more often. Let me know how the breatharian thing goes. I’ve always been curious about that.
    And thanks for the mention the other day! Glad you liked the book.

  2. Karen Godin

    Reading your blog is now part of my morning because you are so darn funny!

    Also – I read an old post about the Rainbow Magic Series that you had written and Ellie is now into those books and when I started talking to other moms at the school they are dealing with the same problem! One mom who refuses to read any more of them said that her 7 year old daughter has convinced her 10 year old son to read them to her! Anyway, I did have a thought about them – in another post about summer reading you mentioned the pink book on the night stand that you read before reading your more serious books……maybe Rainbow Magic books are the 7yo girls “pink book”?

    Loving your blog! Thanks for putting a smile in my day and inspiring me to read something more than my own pink books!


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