Three links bearing no relation to one another

I read a lot of writing blogs and book blogs and author blogs, but I also have three entirely non-book-related favorites. I don’t remember how I found them anymore, and they have nothing in common, but I’m consistently happy when I open my blog reader and new posts are waiting.

Favorite 1: The Blog of Rights by the American Civil Liberties Union. It seems to be written by a bunch of different people, and I’m guessing they’re mostly lawyers, but they write more powerfully and emotionally than I would expect a gang of lawyers to write. Posts generally range from the heart-breaking to the heart-wrenching.

Favorite 2: Katydidnot is a young adult writer in disguise. She has the perfect voice for the genre. I’ve been wanting to tell her so, but I can’t figure out quite how to say it without implying that I think she’s immature. That’s not what I mean! My favorite posts are here and here. You might want to skip the second one if you’re profanity-sensitive.

Favorite 3: It’s a completely unfair time to link to this blog, since the author has just had a baby. You’ll have to scroll down a couple weeks before you start reading. Amanda Soule is a crafter and writer, kind of like a cross between the earth mother and Martha Stewart. Half the time, reading her blog makes me feel completely inadequate. The other half, I think the world could be a kinder and gentler place if we all had a little more SouleMama in us.

I’m off to do my reading!

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