Three things

One: we went camping! I’ve discovered the key to getting good weather: go camping BEFORE the long weekend. Min had Thursday and Friday off work so we snuck up to Porteau Cove, a place that’s always gorgeous as long as you don’t mind the train in the middle of the night. That thing is so loud — SO LOUD — I always worry I’ve been sucked into a Twilight Zone episode and the train cars are about to smash right through the tent. I spend the whole time thinking, “I’m sure we didn’t set up the tent ON the tracks. We didn’t. We didn’t, right?” Anyway, once we survived the ghost train, the rest of the trip was pure pleasure.

Two: I gave myself a black eye. On Saturday afternoon, Min went to a martial arts class and I cleaned the garage. You’d think he would have been the one to end up with a black eye, no? No. Never underestimate my ability to bonk myself in the head with things — in this case, a pipe. One permanently attached to the wall and the ceiling. One that’s been there the entire eight years that we’ve lived in this house. But one I forgot about for a teensy second.

Three: I bathed like they did in the Middle Ages (as I learned writing 50 Underwear Questions). This is to say, barely. I barely bathed. First, there was the camping thing. Then, the hot water heater quit. Just like that. And I’d always thought we had a good relationship.

That was quite enough excitement for one weekend. You will be happy to know that the plumber has come and gone and I am now smelling twenty-first century sweet again. Just in time, too. House guests arrive tonight!

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