I am waiting for editing notes. The first round of edits is always the worst. Except when the second round is the worst.

Really, neither is THAT bad. It’s more the waiting that’s bad. The knowledge that you’re about to find out everything that’s wrong with your book and it could be anything from “move chapter eight until after chapter five and shift chapter three up thirty pages and rename that guy named Lance, what a stupid name” to “please revisit the theme of this novel and consider whether it might be better if it included zombies.”

That last suggestion has never actually been made to me. Yet.

Anyway, while I wait, I figure I can:

  • Cook a few things, so when I ignore my family for days on end, they at least won’t starve.
  • Catch up on laundry. Of course, having a surplus of clean clothes will probably give my family a collective stroke. And then they won’t need to be fed. Cancel step one.
  • Stock up on sugar. I find that rewriting requires a fairly constant sugar intake.
  • Pray. I could start praying now.
  • Revisit my friend Rachelle’s excellent advice on revising.

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