Two truths and a lie

I have failed to produce this morning’s originally planned blog post because:

  1. While learning more about Easter Island and it’s societal collapse, a large stone statue bonked me on the head.
  2. I went to Vij’s last night, had one drink (one!) and spent this morning dry heaving. (A misspent youth has many useful and lasting benefits, but apparently alcohol tolerance is not one of them.)
  3. I am so absorbed in my most recent revisions that not even the internet can distract me.

Hmmmm… that’s only two truths and a lie if you’re willing to count the Easter Island incident as a metaphorical truth.

Now, I’m off to Kits Beach, because I’m told the playground there has a new spinning rope contraption, and what doesn’t cause my brain to explode into high-velocity spatter will only make it stronger.

Playground Climbing Web

(Photo by Jimee.)

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