Typing on air

Thanks to a grant from MKFSCAC (The Min Kyi Foundation in Support of Canadian Arts and Culture) in partnership with SWEVLM (Spouses Who Earn Very Little Money), and with the technological consulting services of Plasma Pete, I am in possession of a MacBook Air.

I’m really just too cool to be talking to you right now…

1 thought on “Typing on air

  1. Mom

    Your Dad – Jeepers (trying not to sound too proud) that kid has gone and got another grant from somewhere! She got a new computer! I wish I could get a grant for a new computer. Mother after reading the blog – obviously with more care than Dad- will tell him he can get a grant – he will be so happy. His grant can be b.o.d. (bank of Dad) It’s what your daughter used to use honey – he should be happy you are now using the other grants that are available. Have a good day daughter.
    Love Mom – I’m going shopping to use the b.o.d.


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