Uncertainty looming…

To school, or not to school? As the labour dispute drags on, everyone’s wondering whether or not kids will be going to class in September.

I’m a bit torn on the issue. As you may know, I’m a little paranoid about earthquakes. I figure every week my kids are out of school is five less days they can be crushed by falling debris. So there’s that.

We’ve also achieved a good rhythm in our summer. Monkey Girl entertains Monkey Boy for an hour in the morning while I do a smidgeon of work, then we do something fun together. And whenever I’m just about to lose all semblance of patience, they go to day camp.

On the other hand, in the two years since I achieved the promised land of both kids in school full time, I rediscovered a few things about myself. I can happily spend long hours alone. I like to eat cucumber sandwiches for lunch. I love CBC Radio. Since no one else in the family shares these loves, I’ve endured a ten-week silence, sandwich, and CBC drought.

Oh, yes, there’s also the issue of my children receiving an education. So far this summer, my daughter has learned to sew and my son has learned to do handstands. Think they can spin those skills into future career paths?

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