Visitors from other planets

According to Google Analytics, more men than women visit this site, and those men like sports.

What the…?

I’m going to assume that Analytics is just plain broken because otherwise, who are you people and what are you doing here??

If you’re real, and you’re planning to stay, all I can do is offer the same deal I’ve offered my husband: If you want to talk about sports, I will put any relevant information into my brain’s “sports sponge,” so I can nod at appropriate times, etc. But after ten minutes, I’m squeezing out the sponge to make room for more useful information. If you want to talk about sports again tomorrow, you’re going to have to start over.

Also, for every minute you talk about cars or video games, I get to talk for one minute about books.

With that said, welcome.

(I still don’t believe you exist.)

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