Wait… I’m sensing something… nope, sorry… false alarm

It’s official — I’m not psychic. 

Actually, I discovered this years ago when my sister and I sat cross-legged in the living room with our fingers pressed to our temples (to increase our psychic resonance, of course). One of us would fill her mind with a color while the other tried to received visions of said color. The results were not promising.
I have now confirmed these early findings by trying some of the tests in Helaine Becker’s Are You Psychic? I’ve also discovered all sorts of handy instructions, such as:
  • how to fake a psychic reading,
  • how to bend a spoon, Uri Geller style
  • how to discover whether a dog is psychic
  • how to detect lies through body language
If only all books were this useful!
I met Helaine at the Red Cedar Awards and she’s a great combination of warm, blunt, and hilarious. You can see a bit of her on video here.
Then again, if you’re psychic, you probably won’t need to watch.

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