Warning: you may not wish to read this blog next October

I’ve been booking presentations for the fall. So many presentations that I have now promised my husband to, as he puts it, “press my tongue against the roof of my mouth and say, ‘nnnnooooo’.”

The problem is, it’s all so exciting! And, since it’s only May, there doesn’t seem to be any downside to booking presentations in October. Right?

Okay, there’s a teensy chance that I’m going to start freaking out on September 30th. I might wake up at 5 a.m. every morning to worry about things that could go wrong, I might develop stomach cramps and acne, and I might occasionally snark at my family.

Or maybe this time will be different…

2 thoughts on “Warning: you may not wish to read this blog next October

  1. Tanya

    You’re the second person to suggest that, thanks to my excessive whining. But I actually don’t have a problem with presenting. I have a problem with throwing up BEFORE presenting. Is there a group for that? BowlMasters?


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