Wednesday (?) Tell-All

The CWILL BC question of the week, which I missed yesterday while in my Kitty Kyi undercover phase, was: What book turned you into a reader?

When I went to grade one at Grey Creek Elementary School (see the Kitty Kyi interview for the details of how I ended up in Grey Creek… I think we left after my parents objected to a meditation class for primary students), I saw a grade two girl leaning against the front doors reading a chapter book. She was cool. Okay, she was only seven. But I can still see her twirling her long brown hair around a finger while holding her book open in the other hand, completely absorbed, in another world, oblivious to the schoolyard chaos in front of her.

And I distinctly remember thinking, “Oh. Grade two. That’s when you get to read big books.”

As soon as grade two began, I cracked the cover of Little House in the Big Woods.

Whew, now that I drudged all that up… I wonder if I’d be a calmer person if I’d taken that primary school meditation class…

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