Weekend adventures

I think our Saturday was best summarized by my daughter:

“We went to the beach, we dug up a clam, then a big hovercraft came right up on shore, then we got invited inside, then we had a delicious lunch. How much better could a day be?”

In between digging for clams and hoping the enormous hovercraft wasn’t going to actually run over our beach blanket (which seemed entirely possible for a while), I was attempting to read Jane Vandenburgh’s Architecture of the Novel. I wasn’t too successful (did I mention the hovercraft?), but I did come across this wonderful line about narrative:

“…it wants to be believed in, as story — that is, taken up as reality in the listener’s mind. It doesn’t want to dress up and go flouncing around as art.”

1 thought on “Weekend adventures

  1. liz zavitz

    Belief is so wonderful. I find it happening in many books. I’m having fun with sophie Kinsella’s stuff right now and letting my mind just roll with it. She has a humourous knack and the gift of quirky storytelling that is a nice change, However a mixed diet of wonderful writing is the best even though I love the heavy old classics. Interesting state of affairs in Toronto recently regarding Ford’s comment.I hope Ms Vansickle just ignores the negativity and soars to new heights of fame with her books. I’ll check back on your writing blog for inspiration.


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