Well, there hasn’t been an earthquake, so…

Once I finish biting my nails, chewing Tums, and hyperventilating, I’ll be heading over to Capilano University this morning to give a presentation about inspiration.

In other news, my mother-in-law has been admitted to palliative care, and the restoration company has finally started putting our house back together. I’m alternating between construction zone and hospital zone.

I’ve decided to give myself a week off blogging, since it’s the only thing under my direct control. Apologies to Crowsnest fans… I’ll be back soon!

1 thought on “Well, there hasn’t been an earthquake, so…

  1. Deryn

    Oh, I’m sorry. Hope your event goes well. And sending good thoughts your way. (And as a huge Crowsnest fan, of course, I will wait patiently!)


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