I just scrolled through my last month of Twitter posts to make sure I haven’t been sounding like an embittered wench.

Well, yes, now that you’ve asked. I am an embittered wench. But I’m pretty sure the Twitter rules for children’s writers read: “Wench-ish-ness must be kept to a minimum at all times.”

Thankfully, there are no such rules for blogs.

(Just kidding.)

(Sort of.)

Prompting my wench-ish-ness: the delays, delays, and more delays to school seismic upgrades in Vancouver. What kind of society puts its most vulnerable citizens in its least safe buildings? As I may have mentioned here before, I’m the chair of the seismic committee at my kids’ school, but lately that position has felt a lot like shouting into a black hole.

I am going to take up meditation, so the frustration doesn’t kill me. I’m also going to drink lots of peppermint tea, say long prayers, and read books with happy endings, before writing any more blog posts. As my mom used to say: “Come back once you’ve had an attitude adjustment, young lady.”

Hmmm… I could think of a few politicians who could take that advice.

Oops. Peppermint tea. STAT.

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